With every Zipline Custom Community, our aim is to take our client’s brief and deliver above and beyond their expectations. This is facilitated by our three stage process and supported by our Community Planning service. The result: happy community members, delighted clients and awesome communities.

Co-Mission Exchange

Co-Mission is an organisation that represents a collection of churches across the Greater London area. They identified a need for an online community to support the people in charge of the various congregations, their staff and others who devote their time to the churches.

Hotdog Community

An invite only community aimed at creatives who have decided to take an entrepreneurial approach to business. The client, herself running a new business, found that a group of like minded people had started to talk over Facebook Messenger. While the conversations were valuable, by the nature of the medium, they were ephemeral. She was looking for a solution where the group could talk in a private community where conversations, help and advice could be saved and made available for all the members.

Resource Café

The Resource Alliance works to create change in the social impact sector. A channel within the Alliance’s website, titled ‘The Resource Cafe’ is used to disseminate news and videos and updates, published by the Resource Alliance staff and people across the world, affiliated with the charity. The client identified a need to update existing elements within the Resource Cafe, while using the opportunity to deliver enhanced social functionality.