BuddyPress Services & Support Capabilities

BuddyPress and WordPress are at the core of our business. From plugin development to site wide community development, we're here to support you.

We also offer a range of series that go beyond the technical.

Bottom line, Zipline are here to make sure every element of your community is planned, supported and managed, ensuring your members get an amazing community experience from day one.


Custom Community

looking to create a BuddyPress community? You’ve come to the right place. Find out more about Zipline’s Custom Community package, our full service solution.

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BuddyPress provides amazing functionality. But sometimes it doesn’t behave exactly the way you want. We have extensive knowledge customising BuddyPress and WordPress to fit our client’s exacting requirements. We can help you too!


Plugins not behaving exactly how you want? Can’t find a solution for your needs? Our team of experts will develop bespoke solutions and refine existing plugins to bring your community needs into focus.

Third Party

Enhance the features and functionality you offer your members and maximise the business benefits of your community by tapping into a wide range of online services including Google, FaceBook, Shopify, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon.

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Is your community running slow? Have you added one plugin to many? Let our WordPress experts take a look under the bonnet. We can optimise your community and make sure everything is working in concert.


Keep your WordPress community up to date and secure. At the same time, why not look at how you can build on your success by introducing new features and functionality. Whatever your needs, we’ll take care of the technical so you can concentrate on looking after your community and its members.


We’re experts at transforming WordPress websites into social platforms. Our user centred approach ensures your community members get an amazing experience, tuned to your requirements.


Your hosting provider not up to to the task? We understand what it takes to keep a Buddypress community running. Zipline offers worldwide hosting, end-to-end encryption, daily back ups and 99.9% uptime.


Your theme is your online identity. It needs to be just right. Our design team will customise and refine your favourite theme to make it a perfect fit. Can’t find a theme that that reflects your requirements? Zipline will build one, tailored to your specific needs.

Community Hosting

Why have the technical overheads of managing your own hosting?

Zipline's hosting solution is designed to support our client’s Custom Communities. The service is managed in house, giving you have the single point of contact for all your community needs.

We use a range of Amazon services. These allow us to offer state of the art server infrastructure flexible enough to meet your specific requirements. With Zipline’s full hosted solution, you can be assured your community will be:


Delivered at optimum speed, anywhere in the world.


Secured with end-to-end encryption, covering all community interactions, offering piece of mind to you and your members.


Supported by automatic server-side data mirrors, just in case something happens.


Powered by Amazon’s SES service for sending emails, ensuring responsiveness and minimising potential spam issues.

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Why choose Zipline?

Our experienced team are ready to help you with your WordPress & BuddyPress needs


A UK based company 100% dedicated to building, growing and supporting WordPress & BuddyPress powered websites and mobile apps.


Our team are specialists at community based and socially enhanced websites, mobile apps and web services.

It’s all about
your members

We understand users, in particular the behaviours of sharing, participating, interacting and engaging online. These understandings inform our design and development approach, ensuring we build tools and services that look amazing and are a delight to use.


We won’t bombard you with technobabble and acronyms. Our team are focused on ensuring you get an amazing service, with everything you want and need, on time and within budget.

Community Planning

Planning ensures your community members get an amazing experience. Zipline have a deep understanding of what it takes to make your community work. We help you create a strategy that ensures you and your members get the most from your project. Our community planning service includes:

Community member

Your members need a reason to return. This means optimising your community for maximum member engagement. Zipline will review your community or pre-production plans and make recommendations.

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Service and experience optimisation

In order to offer an optimised experience it’s important to capture useful and usable data from your members. This is achieved by understanding the underlying goals and objectives of your community.

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Content Support & Planning

Great communities are built on excellent user experiences. This means putting time into planning great copy and supporting material. With our 10+ years experience managing successful communities, Zipline can provide both copy writing and strategic support for:

  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy
  • Welcome emails
  • Community Manager promotion
  • Automated emails
  • Member FAQs
  • Supporting copy
  • Editorial copy


It’s good to be in control. We offer a range of training covering all aspects of running a successful online community. We can help with:

  • Top up technical training - Specifically for our Zipline Custom Community clients.
  • WordPress - The WordPress CMS can be daunting. We’ll take you through a step by step guide, supported by online documentation.
  • BuddyPress - An add on that transforms WordPress into a community platform. We’ll show you the tricks and techniques for getting the best from this excellent tool.
  • Community management training - Communities require a human touch. We’ll help you refine your community manager strategy, making sure your time is optimised and your members are catered for.
  • Social Media - Leveraging third party social media platforms is key to attracting new members to sign up and existing members to return. We can show you how to get the best from FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
  • SEO optimisation of content - Letting the world know about content on your community
  • Google services - Where do we start! We can train you to get the best from Analytics, AdWords, Google Maps, YouTube video management and more. We can also help you integrate Google Services with your community.
  • Shopify - Need help getting the best out of Shopify? We can train you to become a shopify pro! We can also help integrate Shopify with your community.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Our preferred hosting solution. We can help you set up AWS, show you how to create backups, optimise your server configuration for international distribution and integrate Amazon’s email service (AES).
  • URL purchase and deployment - We’ll guide you though the purchase and configuration of your URL. We’ll also show you how to link your URL to a dedicated email. This service is included for free for all Zipline Custom Community clients.

Good to Know

We provide all Zipline Custom Community clients with free training.

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