These are the most common FAQs our clients ask us about Zipline Custom Communities, and the other services we offer.

Can I manage my community myself?

You certainly can! We use WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for your community. WordPress is behind 27% of ALL websites worldwide. It’s an intuitive, easy to use, safe and secure CMS that gives you full control over every aspect of your community.
Good to know – To make sure you are ready to manage your community, we include two one hour training sessions on how to manage your community. This is supported by online resources.


I have a lot of data already, can I bring it with me?

Yes, we support data migration. Typically, this will include bringing over user accounts, blog and forum posts and pages of content.


Can my community be published as a mobile app?

Yes – we can publish your Custom Community to the iOS and Andoird app stores. This is a fully managed solution that we offer as a bolt on pack


Can I use FaceBook sign in?

Yes, this is called single sign on (SSO). We support a wide range of SSO services including FaceBook, Google, LinkedIn & Twitter.


Can I add location services to my community?

Yes. You can use location services to offer additional functionality and services to your community members.


Can I publish my community in other languages?

You can publish your community in any language you want. We also support multi lingual communities.


I want to add a paywall to my community for certain features, can I do this?

Yes! You can add a paywall and choose the features and content you wish to put behind the paywall. As well as the paywall functionality, Zipline can integrate a payment gateway for a seamless member experience.


Who owns the technology behind my community?

It’s your community. This means you have full the rights to use any and all software we hand over to you. Looking into the finer details, some of the software used will be open source. These are governed by their respective licenses. In these instances, you are licensed to use the software for your community. Any software that is developed in house by Zipline is yours to use in perpetuity.


Who owns the data?

You have full ownership over any data added directly to your community, baring third party terms and conditions (e.g. embedded YouTube videos). This is the case if you host your self, or we host for you.


Is my community backed up?

If you choose to host your community with Zipline, we will make daily encrypted backups. These are stored in a secure location. You can find out about our excellent hosting service here. If you choose to host yourself, you will need to manage backups yourself.


Is my community protected against spam, DDOS attacks and hacking?

Yes! We take the security of your community extremely seriously. To conform to our high standards, we test all third party software in house. We use the latest version of WordPress, the CMS backbone of your community, which delivers regular security updates. Of course, you can never be too secure. We have two bolt on packs that offer added piece of mind

  • Security pack – Adds additional proactive and reactive security provisions to your community
  • Community Monitoring service – An industry leading external monitoring service that will alert and deter malicious attacks.


Once I have my community, can I make updates and changes?

Of course you can. We are here to support you as your community grows and develops. Want to work with someone else? Not a problem. Our use of WordPress and dedication to clean, secure, well written code means you can reach out to developers around the world.


Still have a question? Fill in the form below or give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you have.