Features for your Online Community 

At Zipline, we pride ourselves on creating online communities tailored to our client’s specific requirements. We craft and fine tune every feature of your community so they work in concert together. The result is a community designed for your members, with everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Custom Groups

Groups allow you to create communities within your community. Networks within your social network. The power of this functionality can be seen in mainstream services such as Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.  Each group can be customised to deliver customised features and services.

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Zipline’s development team customise forums for your project to ensure you get the fit and finish you need. Forum features include: multiple forums/topics/threads, advanced moderation, sticky posts, multi media support, native iOS and Android app support and more.

Social Login

Social Login is a way for new and existing members of your community can use their login and account details from other popular social networks to sign into your community. Popular providers include Google, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter &Instagram. 

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Zipline live chat, displayed on a mobile phone

Zipline Live Chats

ZIpline Live Chat is a plug and play chat solution for your community. Chats can be deployed anywhere in your community, including behind paywalls. Zipline Live Chat apes many of the behaviours of WhatsApp. Includes Picture, video and audio posting, Inline Reply, @username referencing, Member flairs, etc.



Event planning and management is a core requirement for many communities. Our solution brings a range of features to your community. including RSVP, multiple calendar views, integrated conversations, export to digital calendar, member controled event management and more.

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Badges, trophies, flairs & Leader Boards

Using game behaviours to encourage interactions:

  • Badges and Trophies. Set goals and award achievements. Encourage key community  interactions.
  • Trophy cabinets – Let members share their achievements, skills and knowledge.
  • Flairs – Gives members the opportunity to display their knowledge, expertise, interest or achievements, inline every time they post to the community.
  • Leaderboards – Encourage healthy competition by publishing leaderboards throughout your community.


Membership Levels

Having membership services gives you control over who can access what content within your community. Includes:

  • Badge integration – fully customisable service that automatically ‘upgrades’ members based on their community interactions.
  • Seniority – create authority within your community with member seniority. 
  • Premium membership – Includes payment processing, customer transparency and admin controls.


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Payment Processing & Shopping Carts 

If you are taking payment for monthly premium services, looking to charge one off fees for real world events, selling community related products, or anything in between. The ability to take and process payment securely, can be an essential component of a community.

Community Support Services

An efficient support service will reduce time spent managing member queries. Offers:

  • Transparency – All communications from community members can be seen and shared with your team.   
  • Happy members – A community support service reduces time to resolve issues. Members stay better informed about how their support requests.
  • Learn members’ needs – A centralised service ensures you learn where and how your members need help.


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Two children talking to each other, using tin cans and string.


  • HTML emails – Branded emails, including targeting emails to specific groups. 
  • InMail – Members can send private messages to each other protecting their personal data.
  • Automated emails – Ensures members are kept up to date on their community interactions. 
  • Community notifications – Members and admins can track responses, replies, comments and updates.
  • App notifications – sent to devices when you publish your community as a native iOS and Android app.
  • Management tools – Members can be given fine grain control over every communication sent to them.


The Zipline API

Developed over the last 24 months by a team of dedicated developers. The ZIpline API is the bridge that takes your WordPress/BuddyPress community to the iOS and Android store as a native app. 

GDPR Compliance

Communities, by their very nature, process personal data. If you are planning on having a European presence, or community members within Europe, you need to be GDPR complaint. All Zipline developed communities can be outfitted with tools, developed in house and configured to each community, to support your GDPR compliance requirements.

Other Features

There are simply too many to mention here. But here are a handful of the most popular features we have delivered:

  • Invite a Friend – Allow members to invite other members to view their post right away. A great tool for kick starting conversations. 

  • Community-In-Community – Hide content from all but a selected group of community members. Great if you have premium services.

  • Editorial Blogs – Gives you the power to post stories, news, updates, videos, podcasts and more.

  • Member Walls – Facebook-like tool that allows members to post what’s on their mind quickly and easily.

  • Picture gallery – Visually stunning walls of pictures that you have full control over. Already using Instagram? Why not bring your feed directly into your community?

  • Easy Video – All you and you members need do is post a video  link from YouTube or similar service. The community takes care of the rest. The result; inline videos, elegantly displayed.

  • Socialise this – Tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and more. If there’s content on your community, your members can socialise it.

  • Surveys – Create rich format surveys and get community members to complete them.

  • Polls – Looking for something quicker than a survey? Add some quick-question poll functionality.

  • Search & filtering – Allow members to find content relevant to their interests.

  • Content discovery – Proactively offer relevant content to individual community members.

  • Document Sharing – Allow admins and community members to upload and share documents with others.

  • User Profiles – Can be tailored to suit the needs of your community.

  • Moderation – A full range of tools that enable you to keep your community healthy.

  • Segmentation/grouping – Allows for increased control over search, communication, analytics and access to sections of your community.

  • Privacy options – Control who sees what in the community.

  • Analytics – Get data on how your members are using your community.

  • User Management – Add, invite, bulk manage, block and ban people.

  • Advertising Management – Create an additional revenue stream for your community with advert support. Can also be turned off for members who pay a subscription fee.

  • Multilingual – Your community can be made available in any language you want.

  • Tagging – Use key words across the community to aid content search and discovery.

  • Multi Admin views – Do you have different people, with different roles using the Admin Centre? We can create admin roles to ensure people only access the parts of the admin centre you need them to.

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