In this post, we look at how the new WordPress plugin Invite a friend. This is an exclusive plugin developed by Zipline. It is an intuitive tool that can be used to enhance posting to blogs and forums.



The problem with blogs and forums

Forums and blogs are the bedrock of online communities. And for good reason. They can be adapted to serve all manner of needs. The problem is, they are reactive. That is to say, once a community member posts to a blog or forum, they have to sit back and wait for other members to come along, find the post and respond. This means that from time to time great content can fall by the wayside.
Zipline can employ FaceBook style ‘walls’, search tools and careful interface design to help new, useful and interesting content rise to the top. And once someone finds a conversation, tools are available that allow community members to ‘follow’ conversations. But these are still reactive, relying on members to find the content in the first place.

Technology and related user behaviours have evolved. There is a suite of communication tools that are now reactive. Think FaceBook messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, iOS and Android notifications and so on. In these paradigms, someone creates content and then proactively invites people to become part of the conversation. The result; higher levels of participation and richer conversations. These tools are especially useful where groups of people know each other – be it in real life or through the social networks and communities they use.


What is the WordPress plugin ‘Invite a Friend’?


wordpress plugin invite a friend, as seen mobile

This new plugin developed by Zipline brings together all the benefits of blogs and forums and combines them with the benefits of proactive communication tools. The process is simple. When a community member creates a forum or blog post, they invite friends. These are people they have connected with within the online community. These friends are then messaged via email/notifications. These people then visit the website and ideally start to build on the conversation. Through this process, a ready-made audience is created for the original author.

wordpress plugin invite a friend interface, closeup

Benefits of the WordPress plugin Invite a Friend

  • Encourages people to connect with other members within your social network/online community, unlocking additional benefits e.g. tailored content
  • Encourages conversations on a blog by blog, forum by forum basis
  • Successful content is given a greater chance
  • Authors are able to see reactions to their posts more quickly

If you would like a demo of how the WordPress plugin Invite a Friend works, get in touch. We’d be happy to show you.