In this post, we talk about a new app from Zipline; InstaShop.

What is InstaShop?

InstaShop is an app that allows Shopify users to insert shoppable Instagram galleries and sliders into their shop.

create stunning galleries and sliders with pictures from Instagram accounts and hashtags


Add tags to Instagram pictures. Link tags to products in your store


Customers browse your instagram pictures. Tags take them to your product's page
InstaShop looks amazing and is easy to use on mobile, desktop and tablet

Shop owners import pictures from Instagram accounts and Instagram hashtags. These pictures can then be ‘tagged’, each tag linking to a product in the shop owners store. InstaShop makes is easy to create and manage ‘shop the look’ pages or homepage sliders. These mimic the format of Instagram and create new ways for customers to browse and buy products.

Why we made the InstaShop app.

InstaShop was created to support one of our clients. She was using a Shopify app that delivered a similar service. But it was costing $100’s a month. We realised we could help her out and create a solution that demonstrated a range of values close to our hearts:

  • Community ecosystem – InstaShop is more than an app. It’s an integrated suite of web services, geared to looking after the InstaShop community. This includes FAQ’s, set up videos, and email support. We even built a CRM system to support the community! We are always helping our clients to understand there’s more to online communities than technology alone. InstaShop helps us demonstrate this while providing a platform to learn and evolve the techniques we advise on.
  • User-generated content – We’re focused on creating tools, functionality and ultimately full-scale social networks and communities that enable and enhance user-generated content (UGC). InstaShop fits this bill perfectly. It takes a source of UGC from Instagram and enhances it.
  • Responsive design –  It’s essential that modern apps and websites work on mobile, tablet and desktop. InstaShop is a great example of how to achieve this.
  • Third Party Services – We are big believers that integrating with other services can radically enhance social networks and online communities. InstaShop does just this, bringing together two platforms to deliver enhanced functionality.